拉斯維加斯, NV, 美國
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旅遊淡季 6月
旅遊旺季 12月
  平均價格(平日): HK$ 1,056
  平均價格(週末): HK$ 1,339








星期日 - 星期四











在過去3天,KAYAK用戶找到價格低至HK$ 125的拉斯維加斯酒店雙人客房,平均價格則為HK$ 1,357。


在過去3小時內,用戶找到以低至HK$ 170的價格今晚入住拉斯維加斯的酒店。用戶亦找到HK$ 240起的3星級酒店和HK$ 645起的4星級酒店。



在過去72小時內,用戶找到以低至HK$ 431的價格在這個週末入住拉斯維加斯的酒店。用戶亦找到HK$ 431起的3星級酒店和HK$ 1,107起的4星級酒店。







威尼斯人度假賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.2 極好 (77,516篇評論)
HK$ 2,566以上
5.7 尚可
優點: Size of room
缺點: Long wait at checkin Venetian tower is being renovated so rooms are out the back of beyond Old furniture - chair in room had no padding left
金銀島賭場酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.4 極好 (57,648篇評論)
HK$ 1,279以上
米高梅大賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.4 極好 (64,403篇評論)
HK$ 1,620以上
10.0 極好
優點: I like the hotel, with the room, casino, shops, and all the actives
缺點: N/A
7.1 好
優點: Room was clean and quiet, a big plus.
缺點: Smoking in the casino, I have smoke related asthma and this was trigged by the smoke, and made me unwell, didn't realise the casino was smoking!
Luxor 賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.0 極好 (71,275篇評論)
HK$ 1,070以上
7.4 好
優點: Buffet all day wristband was good
缺點: Pool staff dreadful Aircon only covered half of the room and not the sleeping area
2.5 一般
優點: 沒有
缺點: 房間沒有水,都是煙味,服務人員非常不友善,建議大家不要來這裡
5.4 尚可
優點: Comfortable bed and good pool.
缺點: The pyramid rooms are very dated with faded decor so everything just has that tinge of old grime. Not a great choice of restaurants in the complex.
Excalibur 賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
7.8 好 (62,701篇評論)
HK$ 899以上
2.0 一般
優點: Beds were comfortable, food was good at Buffett.decent size rooms. All day Buffett was a good option too. Pool area good if you all pools were open .staff were quite friendly.
缺點: Didn't like the timeshare ticket people approaching us every time we walked through the casino. Would have preferred the larger pool to be open rather than one small family pool and adult pool as it got extremely busy. Jacuzzis were full of small children mostly unsupervised by their parents it was a like a creche in there .Would have liked to be told about the interconnecting doors before getting our room As it was a noisy week.
8.2 極好
缺點: No solution and for check.out stand in the big queue. Not pleasant
8.0 極好
缺點: The pools where closed and I had to go across to the MGM which was a pain in the ass. Also the Room didn’t have a fridge
6.2 好
缺點: Their resort fee is over priced for what they offer. Unfortunately for some states including Nevada smoking of cannabis is free to do in open spaces. This in concentrated areas puts others at risk of exposure.
林尼克賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.1 極好 (37,814篇評論)
HK$ 1,248以上
馬戲團主題公園與賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯
7.1 好 (83,238篇評論)
HK$ 698以上
6.5 好
優點: The price for a family of 4 was reasonable although not that great once the 'resort fee' was factored in. In truth you don't get that much for your money. The room is OK and there are fun activities for the kids but the pool (included) is not a lot to write home about whereas the adventure dome (pay extra) is good fun.
缺點: The facilities are dated and amenities like in room fridge are not there. In the end, while the room was spacious you don't get anything more than a mid range motel. The back stair cases on the 'Manor Lodge' are pretty scuzzy and are not regularly cleaned even though they are the obvious point of access to one end of the building. I'll see what the Travelodge next door costs next time!
2.0 一般
優點: The front desk staff
缺點: Everything else
5.1 尚可
優點: Pretty well located but not worth the cost.
缺點: Didn't have a room in the main hotel to our surprise so we had a 10 minute walk to/from the main hotel and casino. The amount of circus was surprisingly limited. It could've been so much better.
6.2 好
優點: The room was comfortable and had an iron, safe, tv, and WiFi. The guy who checked us in was also nice and gave us a room with a bit of a view of the strip.
缺點: Location - too far to walk to the main part of the strip. The water! The water in our bathroom smelt so bad. It must have been some treated water but every time I used the sink or the shower I could smell it and it was terrible. You couldn’t drink it. The vibe. The casino is obviously a cheaper stay which attracted certain types of people. The casino floors have cheap shops and was dark, dimly lit and not nice.
阿麗雅賭場酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.9 極好 (30,709篇評論)
HK$ 2,442以上
4.8 尚可
優點: Right on the Strip with connection to luxury mall and with the skyTram to both Momte Carlo and Bellagio
缺點: Aria Cafe to be avoided, expensive, poor service having had all 3 meals there. Food of poor quality. Overall the hotel is ok but don't think it's value for money, resort fee is excessive as the pool is overcrowded and the gym closes at 8pm - seriously it's vegas and if I want to work out I shouldn't be constrained to timings - I was also welcomed by a rude gym attendant because I arrived late.
8.5 極好
優點: The Mexican restaurant Javier's was amazing!!
帕拉佐賭場度假酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.2 極好 (23,587篇評論)
HK$ 2,612以上
曼德雷灣賭場飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.7 極好 (45,566篇評論)
HK$ 1,969以上
8.2 極好
優點: Lovely comfortable rooms
缺點: 4 star hotels without coffee making facilities in the room are a joke
金塊飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 游泳池
8.5 極好 (39,551篇評論)
HK$ 1,008以上
永利拉斯維加斯 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.3 極好 (27,856篇評論)
HK$ 3,101以上


拉斯維加斯駐橋套房飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.9 極好 (376篇評論)
HK$ 1,814以上
萬豪格蘭德城堡酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 拉斯維加斯 - 臥室
HK$ 1,636以上
10.0 極好
優點: 房間很大,各項設備一應具全,以星期六的價格,CP值很高。沒有Casino,所以較合適有小孩的家庭住宿,一樓大廳內也沒有煙味問題,位置離大街也很近,很方便,很推薦對賭博沒興趣的房客入住。
缺點: 無
拉斯維加斯機場原住飯店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.1 極好 (593篇評論)
HK$ 1,705以上
米高梅空中樓閣酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.3 極好 (144篇評論)
HK$ 11,644以上


拉斯維加斯大都會酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 游泳池
9.2 極好 (38,089篇評論)
HK$ 2,930以上
10.0 極好
優點: our room was terrific, overlooking Bellagio fountains, and has a balcony, so great in the evenings. Really well appointed. The swimming pools were modest a but very accessible. Staff great. Plenty of dinning options.
缺點: Not really built for gambling , but you have many choices on the strip so not really a problem
7.7 好
優點: The rooms are a perfect size and the hotel has fantastic if not pricey food options. Would go just for the food if I had to!
缺點: Cigarette smoke in Vegas is a real issue. If you don't like your entire wardrobe smelling of cigarette smoke, I'd suggest one of the strictly non-smoking hotels.
9.7 極好
優點: Impressively decorated, beautiful hotel with beautiful people.
百樂宮酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
9.1 極好 (85,714篇評論)
HK$ 2,519以上
9.7 極好
缺點: The resort fees they charge are rediculous, I have no idea what these are for
8.8 極好
優點: Bellagio fountains are always great, some of the decor inside also very nice.
缺點: Not many cost effective dining options, no coffees in the room and no coffee available early morning (04:00am we had an early flight) Also another thing I thought was pretty disgusting was that I ordered soda water from the casino bar and was charged $26 for it, yeah I asked for 4 take away cups but it’s soda water everywhere else it’s free!
10.0 極好
優點: Loved the Location. Very slick premises
缺點: Hard to suggest anything bad. Over all a great Hotel. Get to the pool early if you want a good spot
凱薩宮酒店 - 拉斯維加斯 - 建築
8.9 極好 (70,714篇評論)
HK$ 2,271以上
9.1 極好
缺點: Cost of everything far to expensive
好萊塢星球賭場度假村 - 拉斯維加斯 - 臥室
8.6 極好 (36,651篇評論)
HK$ 1,597以上
9.7 極好
優點: we were upgraded to a great room with a view over the Bellagio fountains and the Paris balloon. We had such a good stay we didn't want to leave!
8.0 極好
優點: The pillows were all lumpy and felt old